Mechanisms of Concrete Carbonation International Workshop

organized under the auspices of the chair "Materials Science for Sustainable Construction"
financially supported by LafargeHolcim

ENPC, Champs sur Marne

June 27 2019


Controlling and evaluating concrete carbonation are key steps towards the construction of sustainable cement-based structure with low environmental impact.


ENPC and LafargeHolcim R&D are inviting world leading experts to discuss the physics and chemistry at play during carbonation of concrete from various perspectives and using different methods.


Invited scientists will share the latest development in their field. Discussions between guest lecturers and attendees will be fostered so the group can draw future research needs necessary to solve applied challenges regarding concrete carbonation.


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Workshop Location

IFSTTAR auditorium, 9 Boulevard Copernic, 77420 Champs-sur-Marne

Closest station is Noisy-Champs on RER A.

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Participation is free, however online registration is mandatory.

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Deadline for registration:  June 2nd May 26th 2019.

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  • Effect of carbonation on hydrate assemblage and pore solution - Barbara Lothenbach, EMPA

  • Water Sorption of cement paste: effect of carbonation and temperature - Stéphane Poyet, CEA

  • Carbonation in OPC and Alternative Cement Concrete: Impact of Real Climate versus Accelerated Testing and Implications on Service Life - Kimberly Kurtis, Georgia Tech

  • Microstructure and transport properties of partially saturated concrete - Hong Wong, Imperial College

  • Gas diffusion as a function of microstructure - Karen Scrivener, EPFL

  • Advanced ultrasonic techniques to characterize changes in microstructure due to carbonation and microcracking - Laurence J Jacobs, Georgia Tech

  • Probing the links between mineral reactivity and water availability - Anna Harrison, Queen's University

  • Reactive transport modeling of coupled concrete carbonation and drying - Olivier Bildstein, CEA


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